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research chemicals for sale


research chemicals for sale

isochemi Drug Store is a supplier of Research Chemicals in the USA, EU, and Australia. We offer the best selling and most potent Research Chemicals 5-FCDCK $175.00 – $7,900.00. 

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33 De St, San Francisco, CA 45678, United States

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+1 209 214 9678

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[email protected]

Xylazine where to buy

Xylazine where to buy | Xylazine 100mg/ml 50ml Vial is now available at our online chemical store. Shop Xylazine/Anased/Rompun 100mg/ml 50ml Vial. $53.94 online from Xylazin for sale USA, a veterinary medication, may be available for purchase in Mexico through licensed veterinary suppliers. Similar to other countries, it is essential to ensure compliance with local regulations when obtaining and using Xylazine and other research chemicals.

Xylazine for Sale Black Market |Xylazine for Sale Black Market Price List |
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