Buy Cake carts online (we will mix match flavors)



Buy Cake carts online

Buy Cake carts online: Cake Mix is ​​a hybrid strain of weed made by genetic crossing between Wedding Cake and London Poundcake. Cake Mix contains 24% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis users. Leaf customers tell us that Cake Mix’s effects include tingling, joy, and talkativeness. Medical marijuana sufferers frequently select Cake Mix whilst managing signs related to anxiety, loss of appetite, and stress. Cake Mix, bred by Seed Junky Genetics, has flavors like vanilla, lemon, and chestnut.

The packaging consists of a plain paper/cardboard box. The “authenticity sticker/QR” holo/foil serves as a seal for the top of the box. Scanning will bring up a Cake page with some numbers and a button to check authenticity. No COAs can be found on this page for any products other than edibles. The holes where there would normally be round child-resistant plastic measures are replaced by flimsy protrusions that won’t even hold the item or fit into the round holes in the second box. Once the protective seal is removed, a slight push on the bottom of the inner box will easily defeat any childproofing the labels claim to offer.
Today we got our first look at some Delta 10 disposable vapes from Cake (Cake Distro) of Orange, California. Thanks to my friend and colleague,

About the product


The battery component appears to be rechargeable via micro USB (not included).
The mouthpiece is very comfortable, it doesn’t seem to stick or leak/spit oil with use.
The packaging is easy to read and, as a bonus, appears to be recyclable. Which is good for the environment! Too many cannabis brands rely on bulky plastic packaging.


Horrible taste. It wasn’t as bad as the old cotton wick carts that tasted burnt.
Irritation of mouth, throat, and lungs.
At least Cake didn’t pay for anything other than cannabinoid analysis or care if their end product was pure. At worst, certificates of authenticity are fake. Although Delta8/10 products are not required by regulations, consumers deserve this peace of mind.
Little to no effect.



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