Cubensis B+ Microdose (250mg) by Mushmellows




Buy Cubensis B+ Microdose online, a frequently asked question about microdosing is, “should I use truffles or mushrooms?” Well, this question has a 2-part answer. First, the effects. And second, the storage. The effects are pretty similar and the dosages are also alike, as long as the mushrooms are well dried. But when it comes to storage, mushrooms turns out to be the winner.

When a truffle pack is opened, the truffles are only consumable for a few days. Crushing and freezing is an option for some, but the potency isn’t guaranteed when using this method.The other option is to get a specially prepared truffle micro dosing pack, that contain 6 grams separated in 1 gram portions. Take a full or half dose and you are set-Buy Cubensis B+ Microdose online.

Mushrooms on the other hand are fairly easy to dry, crush and store. Dried mushrooms can stay potent for months, when stored in a cool and dry place. Please note; don’t store in the fridge, because the fridge might be cool but the humidity will be too high. A closed cupboard, for instance, with no direct sunlight shining on it; perfect!


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